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Comments About the Freewheelers
We recently surveyed the hospitals who use us to discover what they thought of our service, and if they had any suggestions as to how we could improve it. Listed below are some of the responses we received.
"We naturally seek to minimise our urgent drugs requirements as the set up of transfer can be complicated. I am always pleased that once I have located the drug I can confidently say `I'll arrange transport'. Grateful thanks for your valuable service."

- Chief Pharmacist, Weston General Hospital.

"Per callout, the savings are at least �25 which would be the cost of the taxi."

"Of particular use to us have been the deliveries of urgent scans to the neuro unit at Frenchay."

- Accident & Emergency Dept, Weston General Hospital.

"The service you provide is excellent."

"This service has been of particular use for deliveries of urgent specimens to Southmead Hospital."

- Musgrove Park Hospital.

"When we call upon the Freewheelers, it is great value."

- Pathology Unit, Weston General Hospital.