Information about the Freewheelers

The Freewheelers is a registered charity. It is run solely by volunteers who are all dedicated motorcyclists. The charity is traditionally based in the Weston-super-Mare area of Somerset (UK), but has riders from most areas between Taunton and " hospitals in the Somerset and old Avon area".

We provide an emergency out of hours courier service to several local hospitals for the transportation of blood, drugs, samples, X-rays and other medical supplies - the Freewheelers do NOT transport donor organs. We offer this service free of charge as an alternative to other methods that the hospital would have to pay for. 

The Freewheelers service is provided outside of normal working hours - between 19:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs weekdays and from 19:00 hrs on Friday to 07:00 hrs on Monday. To do this we have a specially adapted motorcycles, fitted with standard blue lights and sirens - enabling us to cut through heavy traffic. We do not expect riders to take risks when riding the bike - it is more important to arrive safely than not at all.

All riders must attain a high standard of bike control. Currently we require that all riders have passed the RoSPA or IAM Advanced Test and are at least 25 years old - due to insurance purposes. We are also arranging training with the local police force.

People who do ride for the Freewheelers usually have the bike for week. When on call a rider must be able to answer the mobile phone and respond should a hospital need out service - this could be 7pm or it may be 4am ! A rider can use their discretion if they cannot perform a delivery, for example

  • A hospital needs a delivery within a time that is not safely possible.

  • Extreme weather conditions (gales, snow/ice etc).

  • There is a problem with the bike that cannot be fixed - a puncture or blown headlight bulb


Last Changed 25 June 2003                                                                              Registered Charity No.1001067