Q - What is motorcycle.org.uk?

A - A list of motorcycle clubs in the UK

Q - Who runs it?

A - Mike Forrester.  Mike was a self-employed consultant, now ex-pat in Spain pretending to be semi-retired. He also runs motorcycle.co.uk, has a bunch of bikes in various states of repair; ...

Q - Why run motorcycle.org.uk?

A - Remember when the internet was a place full of useful information?  Before everybody and his dog saw it as a way to make easy money.  Back in the good old days, if you wanted to find a list of motorcycle clubs in the UK, somebody would have put a list on the web somewhere. ...Just because that's a useful thing to do.

Q - Why not make some money out of the .org domain?

A - Because .org.uk registrations are for non-profit sites.

Q - There must be costs to this somewhere?

A - Yes. Our Service Provider charges us for hosting. We do run ads, and they go a little way to covering our hosting costs. Any other hosting and development costs incurred are swallowed by motorcycle.co.uk.

Q - motorcycle.co.uk, tell me more about that

A - http://www.motorcycle.co.uk/FAQ.aspx

Mike Forrester mike @ motorcycle.org.uk