Millennium Motorcycle Ride


Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Fronti?res Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is a private, nonprofit, international humanitarian organisation, whose objective is to provide medical relief to populations in crisis.

The organisation operates independently of all governments, institutions, political, economic, or religious influences. It depends on volunteer health professionals in fulfilling its mission.

Largely supported by private donors, the organisation is able to maintain great flexibility and total independence in its choice of operations.

Médecins Sans Frontières was established in 1971 by a group of physicians determined to offer emergency assistance wherever wars and man-made disasters occur. Its guiding principles are laid down in a charter to which all members of the organisation subscribe.

In accordance with universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance, Médecins Sans Frontières observes strict impartiality and demands full and unhindered freedom in performing its functions.

Médecins Sans Frontières has a wide range of expertise and proven techniques and strategies of intervention. The organisation is able to effectively pool the logistics and human resouces necessary to provide rapid and efficient relief.

When medical assistance is not enough to save lives, Médecins Sans Frontières will speak out against human rights abuses and violations of humanitarian law that its teams witness in the course of providing medical relief.

Médecins Sans Frontières is an international organisation, with offices in 19 countries. It sends more than 2,000 volunteers, of more than 45 nationalities, to some 80 countries annually.

The Flores Project

Health For AllThrough the project's proven fleet management system and rider-training, motorcycles can help transform health and welfare support.

The Flores Project is the right charity for politically aware motorcyclists and scooterists to support. The motorcycle is saving lives and money. Perhaps it is the turn of governments in developed countries to learn something from successes in Africa! This is where the idea for the Flores Project came from: Riders for Health

If your club or group is thinking of raising money for charity they'd love to hear from you.

To run a fleet of motorcycles for use by existing health providers (NGOs/health ministry) enabling health workers to take primary healthcare services, vaccines for kids, maternal and child health care, TB, Malaria, STD-HIV/AIDS, etc, to remote rural areas.  

The bikes arrive in Flores. Photos and story here.

[Letter of thanks, April 2002]

[More about Flores ...]


Join this Millennium Motorcycle Ride
do something useful!

Simon invites everyone to be a part of this 100,000km epic.

In return for a 20 Euro/US$ minimum donation, individuals will receive a metal green and gold millennium badge and email updates.

Donators can choose to support MSF and/or The Flores Project.

Corporate Sponsors:

Thank you to these corporate sponsors for their amazing generosity.

These organisations generally gave cash or equivalent support, see also The Bike page for donators of bike and comms. parts and support.

HfA Logo Design

Los Angeles, CA 90039 Tel.323.665.6135

1000$US Saudi Arabia 8571945 / 8572150
A-Z Stickers misc 0191 2331954  
AMA - American Motorcyclist Association $ 500
Back Street Heroes Paid articles 00 44 171 837 8727  
Badges discount 00 32 2 646 8509
250 + 500 IEP
$800 00 44 1382 260200
Visa app. 3 mths 00 44 171 963 8162
$1500 00 49 6131 82590
Clap Copy B/W printing  
US$ 325 001 416 808 5524
Cythia Lewis' dinner 33,000 bf  
Deutsch Financial Services $1000 Deutsch Financial Services (serving motorcycle dealers) in California
DFI Hydraulics $500 Saudi Arabia  
EMSF - Emirates Motor Sport Federation $550 PO Box 25508, Dubai, UAE, Tel +971 4 827111
[email protected]
F. B. RICE Lawyers $500 Australia  
1000 SF
Experience 00 49 2402 75375 $1000

Theo B Bean Foundation

5000 bf 00 32 2 230 0545  
Harley Riders Dubai $800 UAE  
Himalayan Broadcasting $50 Nepal  
HSR Off-Road 225 NLG 00 31 548 541770
International.Dealer News Paid articles 00 44 1892 511516  
Italian Motorcycle Co. Guzzi Calif. loan 00 44 1363 774499
JAMA 100,000 bef 00 32 2 639 1430
Khyber Electric $100 Pakistan
100$ Dubai, UAE 3967884
Merpati Air Timor -> Darwin Indonesia West  
Moorland Rambler Sleeping Bag, mat. wallets 00 44 1392 432681  
MOTOiE - Motorcycling in Europe Web admin.  
Motorcycle Loft Hotel 100 Euro 00 32 59 26 85 40  
N. American Motorcycle Union US$ 500 001 416 808 5524
Pakistan International Air Dubai -> Karachi Pakistan  
Color printing & design 00 44 1392 211900
Pete Southwood Photographer photography 00 44 1392 861439  
100 GBP 00 44 1395 233196
Reise Motorrad Paid articles 00 49 89 621799-0  
Click for bigger picture $1,500 S&S; Cycle, Viola, Wisconsin
Searcher Technologies GBP 100    
Shell companies $1000 Pakistan  
Singapore Airlines Kathmandu -> Singapore Singapore  
SNCM Ferries Crossing Marseilles Tunis 00 32 2 549 0888  
Syakar Company Ltd (Honda Nepal) $100 PO Box 133, Jyoti Bhawan Kantipth, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel 00 977 1 225132, Fax 00 977 1 226314, [email protected] Web services & mail lists


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