Millennium Motorcycle Ride

  The Route

Updated - September 2003

Schedules never seem to be kept, and I have spent much longer in Central America that I thought I would for these reasons: super people and scenery, learning Spanish and investigating motorcycles and health services delivery in poor rural areas with health ministries.

It is now 3 September 2003 and the plan is:

Northern Argentina (from Bolivia): 8 Sept � 22 Sept.
Paraguay: 22 Sept � 30 Sept. Brasil: 6 Oct � 12 Nov
Uruguay: 13 Nov � 23 Nov
Argentina: 23 Nov � 2 Jan (Viedma meeting 5-7 December, organised by Oscar of Horizons Unlimited, I will make my presentation here)
Chile: 2 Jan � 15 Feb
Argentina: 15 Feb to 28 Feb (ship to Africa from Buenos Aires)
South Africa to North Africa: 2004
Europe: 2005


PS Join me, virtually, *here*. You get a unique pin and email updates.


The original plan written before leaving the UK is here, can you believe I expected to be back in the UK summer 2001 !


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