Freewheelers in France - June 2002


Well back in June several members of Freewheelers took up the very kind offer of accommodation at La Landelle, a very special property owned by one of our ex-members, Ray and Jo Stokes.

This property is available for holiday letting, see

Here are some photos from our first foreign excursion. (click on image for larger version)

Niki getting her kit off in Poole

View from the rear of the 'Fast Craft'

Ian Reed already well on the bottle when Niki and I arrive

The assembled mass at the Bar-B-Q

I pulled my first 'wheelie' shame it was on this.....

Oh dear too much to drink again girls

Ian Moore and his imaginary guitar

Ian and Carol and a tea bag at Le-Mont-Saint-Michel

The crew on a meal out

Here we are at Amorranches, one of the D-Day landing beaches, however some of us took far longer to get there than other, nuff said!

Ray cutting his lawn

Here we have Ray, words fail even me.....

Oh no its 'Del Boy' Reed

Bob cool as ever

'Who sunk my boat' John Woodgate

Looks like Ian sat on something he likes....

And finally me (Chris) in a skirt.......


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