Q - What is motorcycle.org.uk?

A - Non-profit web space for stuff to do with motorcycles - mainly clubs and stuff - principally UK-based.

Q -- Why was motorcycle.org.uk registered?

A -- We registered it because we saw the changes coming in domain registration - particularly the practice of selling names for profit. We wanted to stop anyone abusing the ORG.UK sub domain.

Q - Who runs it?

A - Mike Forrester - mike-at-motorcycle.co.uk
Mike is principally a self-employed consultant. He also runs motorcycle.co.uk, has a bunch of bikes in various states of repair; ...

Q -- Why does he also run motorcycle.org.uk?

A -- Somebody should. And it should be somebody who doesn't want to make shed-loads of money from it.

Q - But I want to pay you lots of money to build me a web site?

A - Contact Mike - he ain't cheap, but he's very good :)

Q -- Why not make some money out of the .org domain?

A -- Because .org.uk registrations are for non-profit sites.

Q - There must be costs to this somewhere?

A - Yes. Our Service Provider charges us for hosting. If we run ads, it is only to cover hosting costs, not profit. Any other hosting and development costs incurred are swallowed by motorcycle.co.uk.

Q -- Where is motorcycle.org.uk situated?

A -- Was Edinburgh, now ex-pat in Spain.

Q --- OK, So tell me more about motorcycle.co.uk

A --- http://www.motorcycle.co.uk/FAQ

Mike Forrester mike @ motorcycle.org.uk