Millennium Motorcycle Ride


A Summary

On 1.1.2000 I left Western Europe to ride my handmade motorcycle around the world on a humanitarian mission. To date I have ridden 194,000km through 58 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South and East Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa. Uganda is in the middle of Africa, I am heading West and North to Morocco from November 2004, from where I’ll cross to Spain, visit all of Europe and a part of the Middle East before arriving back to the UK around October 2005.

The motorcycle (i.e. the frame) is handmade by John T of Newton Motorcycles in Devon SW England, near my hometown of Exeter. It is made with parts of twelve countries, some fashioned during the ride like the aluminium boxes in Alaska, the headlight crash bar in Arabia, the fork brace in Australia, and the screen in Chile. The engine is a 600cc air-cooled single cylinder made by Rotax from Austria. The fuel tank of capacity 45 litres (giving a range of 1000km on tarmac) comes from Acerbis of Italy. The forks are from a Japanese made Honda Dominator. The strong Paris-Dakar type wheels are made in Britain by Talon Engineering.

US$110,000 has been raised for Medecins Sans Frontieres ( and Health For All (HfA). The former won the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian help in crisis areas worldwide. The latter manages twelve motorcycles used by the Health Ministry to reach out to 55 remote rural villages with primary health services for children and mothers in Flores, a remote Indonesia island. A US 501(c)(3) organization registered in Ohio with the tax authorities, Motorcycle Outreach, was created to support this work. The majority of donations came from the USA during my two laps of the country in 2001/2.

The ride developed a focus on the role of motorcycles in healthcare. After learning Spanish, research with Latin American health ministries showed great needs. Local motorcyclists plan to start projects in rural Argentina and Paraguay whilst Motorcycle Outreach is helping to pay for their training. In Africa I have been impressed with the well-established work of Riders for Health ( in this area.

Donations of $20 or more are rewarded with a collectable pin and periodic e-mail updates along the journey. Donors over $200 may add a sticker to the bike and get a link on the web site.

My position as General Secretary of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations ( 1992-1999 has lead me to establish contacts with motorcycle groups in Asia, Latin America and Africa. This is because the United Nations is globally harmonizing laws yet the global riders rights movement had no representation from motorcycle consumers in these places.

It is a spiritual journey too. There was an aim to find out the truth about God. I reject Islam due to its lack of congruence with historical records. Buddhism’s bottom line that I am God is far too much responsibility! Hinduism’s 3000 gods I find a little over the top. Baha’ism appears to lack divinity. The unmistakable hand of protection in the civil wars and accidents lead to my baptism into Jesus Christ in 2001. A parallel journey then started!

Ride Free !

Simon Milward, on the road, late 2004

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A solo fundraising round the world ride on a handmade motorcycle.
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