Simon does a lap of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Thanks to ABATE of Indiana for the original 5 1/2 minute film (Yeah, it took him 5 minutes to get round. Fast, or what:)

Roaring down the straight grin_indy.avi

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Yeehaa ! yeehaa.avi 2 sec 606K
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10 October 2001 World biker has joyful day in Indianapolis

Click for full-size Simon Milward, riding a motorcycle around the world since 1.1.2000, had a day full of joys in Indianapolis USA today (Wednesday). Click for full-size
Click for full-size It started with an interview on Fox59AM's fun-loving TV breakfast show. Click for full-size
Click for full-size In the afternoon Milward rode his handmade motorcycle around the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In the evening he made a presentation to local riders where ABATE of Indiana donated $6000 to buy motorcycles for a new charity project. Said Milward, "It ranks among the top days of my trip through 29 countries so far.
Click for full-size "On the Speedway I couldn't stop grinning and waving to imaginary crowds! Riding down the wide straight and seeing the banked corners approaching, where so much 200mph history took place right here, was mindblowing. I didn't quite reach that speed myself, but only because it was a bit wet! We're trying to get the footage on the internet. Click for full-size

"ABATE's $6000 donation is the biggest single donation so far. They want to buy the remaining six motorcycles needed for a new Asian project in order for motorcycles to save lives. Yamaha is kindly selling those to us for just $1,000 each. ABATE of Indiana has doubled the challenge laid down by ABATE of Alaska to all motorcycle clubs companies and groups in the USA. Click for full-size

" Milward has so far raised nearly $40,000 for Doctors Without Borders, the international humanitarian aid organisation, and Health for All. His target is $100,000. He is available to give fun and inspirational world tour presentations to groups throughout the US. ABATE of Indiana is the State motorcyclists' organisation. It has 26,000 members, about a quarter of all riders in the State, and is the largest such group in the US. It offers a full range of services to Indiana riders from protecting and promoting their rights to teaching safety riding skills. Said Tom Pauli, Executive Director, "ABATE of Indiana along with its motorcycle safety division is thrilled to help Simon achieve his noble goals. We hope that other states will also take up Alaska's challenge and give what they can."

" The world famous Indy 500 racing track is 2.5 miles long and was first used for the Indy 500 race in 1911, being 200 laps and 500 miles. It was built for American car producers, many based in Indianapolis, to test and demonstrate new models, when asphalt on public roads was a thing of the future. Now it hosts three races per year including Formula 1. Current rumours suggest that motorcycle racing may soon also figure in the racing programme however. The Millennium Ride will now appear in the Indy track's archives


  John, can you build me one of these next...;) Click for full-size