Millennium Motorcycle Ride


Western Morning News
Western England, Regional Newspaper

August ?? 1999

Off the beaten track

Trip is the ride of Simon's life

[picture - Simon Milward with his unique bike]


For nearly two years, this man and this motorcycle will travel the world together in an adventure which will take them across six continents.

Simon Milward, from Exeter, is taking a sabbatical from his job as general secretary of lobby organisation the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations to complete the once in a lifetime trip.

The Millennium Motorcycle Ride will raise money for two charities: doctors without Borders and Riders for Health, a charity which provides bikes to transport medical provisions in poor countries.

Mr Milward is leaving Exeter on December 4 for his world trip and aims to leave Europe in time to start the next millennium in Africa.

'It is a lifetime dream and I decided to do it before I got married or had kids,' the 34 year old said.

But the unique trip requires a unique bike and he is having such a machine built for him from donated parts by John T at Netwon Motorcycles in Newton Abbot.

The bike should be completed by the end of the month.

'This is a one-off bike and the first time anyone has attempted a trip of this scale on a non-standard bike,' said Mr Milward.

In preparation for the trip, which will take him to challenging environments such as Mongolia and the Congo, Mr Milward this week underwent survival training with the Army.

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