Millennium Motorcycle Ride


The Exeter Leader

March 1999


Worldwide trip on two wheels

An Exeter biker is to visit 75 countries to raise money for a national charity.


Simon Milward, from Whipton, is raising money for Riders for Health which supplies motorbikes which enable medical deliveries to reach remote parts of Africa which are inaccessible to other sorts of vehicles.

Simon will take to the road this November on a custom-built bike designed by his friend John T.

Simon said: "It's always been a lifelong dream of mine to go round the world on a bike. It's just the freedom. You get to fel all your senses. You are part of the experience, instead of being shut in a metal box with wheels."

Simon said: "The bike's got to cope with everything from deserts to jungles. In Siberia I'll be riding along a 100 mile stretch with no road and no track to follow."

Another tough challenge for intrepid Simon will be making his way across some of the world's most dangerous political hot spots.

He explained: "It's looking a bit dodgy at the moment in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, but I'd like to get across Africa on way or another."

At the moment he is planning to start off in South Africa, then fly to South America, travel the length of the Americas to Alaska, cross to Siberia and the journey through the former Soviet Union to Mongolia and China.

From there he will travel through South East Asia, across to Australia and then back across India, the Middle East and Europe.

Although he is going solo, Simon will share his 18-month adventure via email with his sponsors.

To sponsor Simon or for more details contact Bridge Motorcycles in Alphinbrook Road, Exter on 01392 260200.


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