Salar de Uyuni - the Salt Sea

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The 150km sandy track leading to the salt sea.
A Bolivian house in on the Altiplano at about 4000m altitude.
The Salar de Uyuni (Salt Sea) comes into view at the town of Tahua on the north rim.
 Amongst five youngsters, this guy was the only one who was not scared of having his photo taken.   But they all enjoyed the cream biscuits I gave them!
Heading out onto the Salar de Uyuni.  Weird.  Wonderful.
View from the Fish Island of the Salar de Uyuni.
Cactus on the fish island, Salar de Uyuni
The salt forms hexagonal patterns, I don’t know why.  Sunglasses for the blinding whiteness, and plenty of clothing siince it is about 3500m high on the Bolivian Altiplano.
posing on the Salar de Uyuni.  Here you can close your eyes, open the throttle, and steer wherever you want with no fear at all!  (Well, sometimes it seems that I do that anyway, but this is not in fact true.)
Salar de Uyuni, a hotel made of salt, so too was the furniture inside.  At $20 a night it was outside my budget.  I continued to Uyuni where I found one for $2, hot shower included.
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