Road to Bolivia

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Riding up the Andes was breathtaking as usual.  I was on the way to Bolivia, having to cross the mountains before dropping down to the Amazon basin.
Weird effect of falling rock looking like ice.  This was on the Eastern side of the Andes, beginning the descent to the Amazon basin
 I stopped at one village where everyone was helping to replace the roof on the church.  The reaction to me made me feel that they had never before seen a tourist!
There are so many different hat designs among the indigenous peoples, or 'Campesinos', in Latin America.
Eastern side of the Andes, where the river is the road.
Eastern side of the Andes, two new friends help me round a roadblock.
There was a reason for that roadblock, a great hole in the road!  There was no way I could get through.  The skip of this digger did not quite reach far enough!
But another digger came to the rescue, this is how I crossed several rivers!  The two workers were happy with a copy of the newspaper showing my ride, ‘no tengo dinero’.
Brazil.  The jungle has been cleared to make way for cattle grazing.
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