Peru, scenic, Mountains

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Ica, Yvette posing on my bike, she is a journalist from Lima, we hung out for a few days together, did some sand surfboarding, watched the sunset over the dunes, visited a wine and pisco manufacturer.
Ica, ancient wine press
Nasca hands drawn in desert.  Can you make them out?  They are best visited from the air, the ancient Indians were balloonists!
Nasca Lines, can you make out the straight lines, there are quite a few theories about what they were used for.  They were carved in the desert 1000-1500 years ago.  The Panamericana runs right through them.
Nasca.  The tower is the official viewpoint, and in front of the sign is the official toilet.  Quite a few places, particularly in deserts areas, smell of piss in Peru.  You are lucky to get this shot I tell you.
Desert at 2000m
The world highest sandune at 2500m.
Highland desert, looking West in late afternoon.
Avalanche on road.  Often you can see debris landing on the road as you ride through, best to keep going!
Looking down on the Plaza de Armas, the centre of Cusco today as it was when Incas ran the place.
Cusco, Plaza de Armas.
Cusco.  Famous 12 sided stone.  The Inca foundations in the cente withstand earthquakes because of the tight way they are packed against reach other.  This one has 12 sides, having been made to fit perfectly.