Peru, People, Mountains

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Lima, Festival de la Peruanidad, to celebrate independence from the Spaniards
Lima.  A pair of young Peruanos dancing in traditional costume, to celebrate independence day
Incas.  The whole village of Vado was out dancing in the road lead by this character.  It was a religious event for the god of water.
Incas, religious music and dance, it was passing all a bit quick with no time to really good shots lined up.
Incas dance around my bike, a favorite shot, the white teeth give their smiles away!  I was grinning madly too.
Road to Abancay in mountains.  This family invited me to an impromptu lunch.  The son expressed his wish to meet a gringa (white girl) to marry.
Mad Jak from Holland going round the world on his Yamaha R1 superbike capable of 300kmh
Cusco, The transport department head Ciro Alegria at the Cusco Region Health Ministry graveyard for rotting vehicles because donor agencies think that vehicles  run themselves.
Cusco.  These tourist police on their 250s stopped for a chat as I was washing my bike in a roadside stream.  They had no front brakes at all and the bikes receive next to no maintenance at all.   No-one thinks about maintenance they said, because the officials are too busy being corrupt.
Cusco.  This demo by army reservists was calling for an end to corruption and a stop to the destruction of the coca crop, which is a part of the Inca religion, culture, medicin and a lot more.
Cusco.  These women pose with their kids and llamas for a sole, about 30 US cents.  I caught them unawares here.
Efrain Esquivias who hosted me on his TV chat show, is ready to help with maintenace of health ministry motorcycles.