Peru, People and Places, Coastal & heading inland

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Repairing a fishing boat on the beach at Mancora in Northen Peru.  This was trhe last of the warm weather and I could not resist the urge to spend a few days on the beach.
Trujillo, Peru.  Politics is big business in Peru, with Indigenous peoples protesting against corruption.  Here the Provincial President was talking to the people about devolution of power to the regions, which is only a recent thing in Peru.  Sorry it is out of focus, I should have rested it on something.  But the scene was dark, and with the light compensation feature on my Kodak digital (0.7 sec expósure), it came out like afternoon.
 Fisherman mending nets, reed rafts drying in the sun.  These rafts, used for fishing, last about one month of 3 hours use in the water per day.
Chan Chan ruins, Trujillo, Peru.  About 1000 years old, the biggest adobe (mud) city in the world at 24km square.
The walk in well at Chan Chan, still good today.  Irrigation brought up the level of the water table in the area.
The main plaza Chan chan
Mikhail and Joanna from Poland on their Yamaha custom with trailker, going round the world.  I mewt thamn at the Temple of the Moon.
Eventually we got the llama to join us in the picture by coaxing with lettuce.  Thanks to the folks at Las Tunas resturant for letting me camp and the coca mate.  Coca mate ('matay'), or coca tea, has a nice flavour, a little like Japanese Green Tea, and made my lips go a bit numb but that was all.
Girls dancing in traditonal costume, Huaraz, capitol of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.
Huaraz, street scene, women in traditional dress, lovely braided pony tails on women are popular throughout indigenous tribes in Latin america.
View from the front of the bike in Huaraz, Peru
And what did the Health Ministry in Lima have to say?  They told me they need motorcycles for health deliveries and want to collaborate with our efforts in Latin America.  It always motivates me when officials want to use motorcycles to help fellow human beings.