Peru, scenic. Coast & heading inland.

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The view heading down the coast towards Trujillo in Peru.  Irrigation is a big thing in the desert between the Sierran Andres and the Ocean.
The pier at Huanchaco, Peru.  Just like Brighton eh what?  This one is about 80 years old.
The road leading from the coast East to the Andes.  Jagged and desert like.  A nice gravel and and track to give the sense of adventure, lovely.
The road leading up the Andes.  the cacti look a bit more scraggly that what I'm used to.
The road snakes around the hills following the River Santa.
Excitement, my first glimpse of a snow covered peak!  Wow and we are in the tropics too!
Peruvian mountain and river of melted snow witrh quaint bridge.
City of Huaraz in mountains
Mountain scenery of the Cordillera Blanca in Peru
Mountain scenery of the Cordillera Blanca in Peru
Pampous grass and mountains, Peru
The llama seemed very friendly so I gave him a few bananas which had turned mushy.  He ate the skin too, and got indigestion.  He sat down, burping, and when I tied to console him he spat at me.  He cleared his throat just like a human, and spat.  He didn't get me, but he did get a lad the next morning when we were photo taking.