Colombia and Ecuador II

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Medellin’s fog coming down the mountainside, red brick buildings battle for space with the green jungle
Manizales, very picturesque street.  I love these Latin American cities
Manizales city view, views of great Cathedrals dominating the city are common.
The San Blas church in cuenca Ecuador
Bike with two spare tyres trapped on (thanks Moto Hot and Ray) and colourful houses on the road in Ecuador
Drag races organized by Mario Gomez Motociclismo, 50km north of Quito, Ecuador where the road was straight enough!
This group of Colombians invited me for a three beer breakfast to celebrate the fact that I was in Colombia’s safest town!
Rosa, me, Carlos, Andrea, Hector enjoy some local cooking, lots of meat, before heading out to get rain sooked on the  way down the  mountain to Medellin.
Me and Ricardo Rocco in his office in Quito Lima.  Ricardo is a big man with a big heart, see what he is doing at      He will lead Latin America into an era of sustainable transport in health work!
Diesel spillage danger for motorcyclists on the road in Ecuador.  Ecuadorean trucks and buses splash diesel everywhere just like the European ones.  FEMA is fighting back in Europe see  Let's encourage Ecuadorean motorcyclists to do the same.