Places been, People met

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The mightly River Cauca runs the length of Colombia.
Colombian police were very interested in my bike.  These guys and girls are the main targets of the guerrillas, which I heard plenty about but never encountered.
The 40s Harley Davidson is owned by this 81 year old Dane who normally cruises around on a Fatboy.
Me and Cali friends out for a Sunday ride, me on the old BMW. The lake is disappearing, the govt used it to generate electricity to sell to Ecuador
Thanks to PanAmericana Amortiguadores for the handmade shock absorber, Cali.
Preparing the bike for this section, managing to cover 80% of the rear tyre with armour.
The bike in war mode, on the most dangerous section in Colombia, the road south to Pasto.  Note Union Jack (no soy gringo, the US govt has developed a bad reputation for its people here) and bash plate bolted to rear of bike to protect tyre from bullets.
At the Equator in Ecuador.  It is the third time I cross the equator on this trip.
Trail riding home from the drag races with new buddies Ray and Carlos, near Quito, Ecuador.