ARG, Ushuaia, Fin del Mundo Cross

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A Swiss on a TDM leads 2 Germans
Me going too fast
Hair pin bend through river
Who is that making a fool of himself
The guy with two spares tyres dangling off his bike wins
Fin del Mundo Cross participants
Carsten won, getting the bottle of Schnapps and the girls

Ushuaia, Argentina 2 January 2004

Ten adventure motorcyclists celebrated the new year with a motorcycle race on Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.

The first 'Fin del Mundo Cross' took place at the Rio Pipo campsite west of the town of Ushuaia on 31 December 2003. The two part competition, consisting of a trial course in the forest and grass track circuit next to a river, was the first of its kind at the end of the world, probably the first worldwide.

Six Germans, two British, one Dutch and a Swiss unloaded the luggage from their heavy bikes to accept the challenge which separated the men from the boys. The event was won by Karsten from Germany on his cut down BMW who was presented with a bottle of schnapps to make him feel at home. Local television showed up and caught some spectacular crashing on film. The course was laid out by Dutchman Maarten Munik (, riding round the world on his Africa Twin, who honorably stepped out of the prizes after winning.

"We hope it will mark the start of a new tradition among the riders who venture down the Ushuaia each Summer. Needless to say it was my idea and needless to say who did most of the crashing," said Simon Milward.