South Africa

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Rorkes Drift, Zululand, SthAfrica, where 135 British soldiers successfully fended off an atack by 4000 Zulu warriors in 1879
A lecture at Isandlwana, the scene of a massive victory for the Zulus against the British in 1879.
David Rattray, award winning tour guide, world expert and writer on the British-Zulu wars in present day.
Makeshift housing in SthAfrica for disadvantaged blacks that government promises to replace with brick houses by 2010
Nelson Mandela's prison cell, Robben Island
Robben Island prison
Sani Pass, border of Lesotho and South Africa in Drakensburg Mountains. It was a steep and rocky descent.
Table Mountain Capetown, SthAfrica can be seen from 100 miles out to sea
Zulu children, SthAfrica near Rorkes Drift

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