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Lake Malawi, relaxing for a few days
Lake Malawi.  African children's enthusiasm for being in photos often means you can't frame the thing you want.
Malawi, Lilongwe.  Junior Andrews at the village of hope childrens home that he and god are building.
Bombay bazaar and the Blues Brothers hand over the coporate cash as millennium ride sponsors.
It was a charming song too.
More kids and waterfall near Livingstonia.
The church at Livingstonia, one of the earliest missions in africa.
The view from my room at the prestigious Mount Soche hotel in Blantyre.
Pastor Glen (left) and Allan Bonhomme (my host) in Blantyre, over breakfast.
Mzuzu, Malawi.  I simply do not know how they balance.
The love of god and the joy of Jesus evident at this  christian crusade.  Couples were married.

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