Marketing Rates

4 years, 70 countries, 150,000 miles, 60 million people

Get your corporate name out there!

This solo round the world charity motorcycle ride, which started on 1.1.2000 and finishes 31.12.03, is outstanding value for marketing dollars. Hitch a ride - you'll never look back!

EXAMPLE: 30 million people reached since the start

Television News: California Fox Ch 40 & Channel 10, Indiana, Great Britain (BBC & Westcountry), BBC World (Asia), South Australia, Northern Territories Australia, Pakistan, India, Russia.
Radio & Newspapers: California (Sacramento Bee & San Jose Mercury), New York City (Bloomberg), Florida, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Alaska, 8 European countries, Japan, SE Asia, Indonesia and Australia.
Presentations to audiences 20-200: 35 North America August 2001 - January 2002.
Twice monthly email updates to: 1,200 individuals including some Members of the European Parliament, companies, 5 newsgroups, journalists and others worldwide.

(Based on foreseen media activities)

USA February-September 2002, 30 States

10 TV News Reports, 25 Newspaper reports with picture, 15 radio interviews.
50 presentations to audiences 20-200 plus some 500+, West & East Coasts.
High School / college presentations planned in three States.
Twice monthly email updates to increasing numbers of people.

Central/South America & Africa, October 2002 - April 2003

Miscellaneous TV, radio, newspapers. 10 presentations. Email updates.

Western Europe, May - December 2003

10 TV News Reports, 35 Newspaper reports with picture, 20 radio interviews
20 presentations to audiences 20-200. Email updates.

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