Motorcycles for Flowers  

  1. The need - Flores, Portuguese for Flowers, is an island located in the South Eastern Indonesia. It is divided into 6 districts and is a part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. The previous regime applied a centralistic kind of government and Eastern Indonesia got least attention. As a consequence, Flores as a part of Eastern Indonesia becomes a less developed region lacking health facilities.
    The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report on Human Development in 1999 said of Flores:
    Population without access to health facilities: 29.9 %
    Population without access to safe water: 54.7 %
    Undernourished children under 5: 41.8 %
    Households without access to sanitation: 32.5 %
    Infant Mortality rate: 46 per 1,000
  2. The aim - Health for All (HfA) implements a three year pilot program of Transport Resource Management specifically Managing Zero Breakdown Motorcycles for Rural Health Deliveries. This includes vaccines for kids, maternal and child health care, TB, Malaria, STD-HIV/AIDS treatment.
  3. How did it start? - Africa had a 400% delivery rate improvement using small motorcycles on tough roads with zero breakdowns over five years. On my fundraising world tour I started by raising money for this African work. Then health workers throughout Asia expressed interest in the African idea as I rode through the region. So now we bring the African idea to Asia. The potential is huge, a great need exists and millions of bikes already in use. The Motorcycle for Flowers project run by the official Indonesian NGO "Health for All" is a three year pilot project on the Christian island of Flores.
  4. Positive aspects of this proposal:
    Potential. Small motorcycles are a part of life in Asia, yet they are not used in this way (except sporadically in Cambodia) even though the need is great. From this one small seed, a mighty oak may grow.
    Solid base. The Director of Health for All was outreach manager for Doctors Without Borders' operations in West Timor. He has since been trained in zero breakdown motorcycle fleet management in Zimbabwe Africa at the Riders for Health academy.
    Transparency & value for money. 100% of funds are used in the field. Accounts are available. No one is getting rich from this. Detailed Description, Work Plan and Budget are at
    Motorcycle image. We hear too often in the media how motorcycles are dangerous. Motorcycles saving lives helps to redress the balance.
    Global recognition for Corporate Donators. TV, newspaper, radio coverage worldwide related to Millennium Ride activities. Yamaha provided twelve 115cc motorcycles at cost price. ABATE of Indiana USA is the largest contributor with $6,000.

  5. Present situation & Budget summary - at May 2002
    Yamaha's twelve cost price motorcycles arrived in April 2002 - the project is underway!
    Year One & start up (2002) covered  
    Year Two (2003) $50,000 vehicle maintenance, operational & office
    Year Three (2004) $50,000 vehicle maintenance, operational & office
    Motorcycle Outreach, a charity organization registered with the IRS, was formed in April 2002 in Ohio USA. Tax deductible donations can be sent to: Tim Owens, Motorcycle Outreach c/o AMA, 13515 Yarmouth Drive, Pickerington, Ohio 43147.

  6. Proposal - Please make a donation for Years Two and Three.

Contacts: Simon Milward, fundraiser,
Wili Bala, Executive Director Health for All:
Project Description, Work Plan and Budget at