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TV and the first jabs

Well here we are the first diary update on 10 April 1999!

You know planning this trip is a monumental task and I just hope I can get it all done by the time I leave!

In March Westcountry TV filmed at John T's place in Newton Abbot UK, where the Millennium Motorcycle is being built. We had two heavy duty wheels and a set of forks, it was amusing for viewers of the evening's News! But now I've bought a single cylinder air-cooled 600cc Rotax engine so now John can start the frame. Let's hope it is ready for test-riding in August!

On the medical side I have had three tooth fillings and only have four more small ones to go - yes I have been rather lax in this respect over the last 4 years. I also got the first 2 of a total of about 20 vaccinations and I'm having another four next week. This is nine months before departure!

Other important stuff? Well the route has changed, I'm now going to go round the world in the other direction. This was due to the civil unrest in Africa and climate considerations. It certainly won't be sunshine all the way, it's not possible to do that in the time I have.

Thankfully the Dutch office of Medecins Sans Frontieres are willing to accept cash raised through the humanitarian aid appeal associated with this trip. Riders for Health of course will also benefit from the appeal for their important work in Africa. As soon as the arrangements for credit card donations are finalised I'll send out a press release about the whole thing.

I can't understand why sponsors are not queuing up to make a donation, can anyone help!? I still need sponsorship in particular for communications/camera equipment and camping gear. I'm quite prepared to spend my life savings on the trip but, unfortunately, the budget looks like it will exceed that!

Anyway I'd like to thank the sponsors so far who have really impressed me with their kindness. They are Lazer Helmets (helmet & donation), Metzeler (tyres for the complete trip), Mikuni (carburettor), Bridge Motorcycles (500 pounds donation), Acerbis (choose from catalogue), Peninsular Services (colour leaflet printing + donation), Badgeman (commemorative pins for individual sponsors GET YOUR'S NOW!), Clap Copy (black and white leaflet printing), MAG Insurance Services (insurances and perhaps a donation) and the Europan Parliament (through 1000FF individual donation by Roger Barton MEP) and JF Hillebrand (wait and see!). Many thanks also to the efforts of Mike Forrester (for internet stuff) and Uschla for web page work, and Heike and Christina for translations.

That's it for now. I need to prepare a package for the British Embassy here in Brussels who seem to be very helpful.



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