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Simon meets the Dalai Lama

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To save you the time looking through Picture Series, here are some of our personal favourites. Click the picture to open the highest-resolution version we have. 


 This is the fullest resolution version we have of the one used in the 'in memory of' picture  
One of the bikes, with mechanics and nurses from the Flores Project  
Many of the initial batch of 12 bikes delivered to Flores were sponsored by various motorcycle groups in the USA. Their names are on the tanks.  
Pointing at where Flores is located.  
Middle East somewhere. Good of the bike loaded up.  
Simon and Jay Leno.  
Relaxing near Victoria Falls.  
Central Africa. Nice atmospheric picture of the bike.  
South Africa, heading North.  
South America. In front of a College where Che Guecara was educated.  
Derelict trains in South West Bolivia.  


For the story behind any of these pictures, look through the relevant diary pages.



Selected high quality pictures from the first lap of North America  Ship Rock, New Mexico Las Vegas Strip
Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Niagara Falls

12 Yamahas arriving in Flores April 2002.

[More on Flores]

The Motorcycles arrive on a Truck
Handover of keys to Prof. Patty Noach Wili Balawala's speechWili and Frans of HfA Checking out the new bikes Checking out the new bikes


electronic press PHOTOS (CD) from around the time of departure in 2000 may still be available from Martin Kämper
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